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Charlie Parker and the Blockheads

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~ Charlie Parker and the Blockheads ~

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It's probably just me, but I just can't decide whether this... collection of stone lumps, for want of a better expression, is intended to be some sort of extremely primitive art brut statement (of intent to be art?), or simply part of the foundations awaiting the construction of one of the many planned new buildings in this quartier to begin.

There's about five of these huge, double-stacked block things not far from the Bibliothèque François Mitterand, which are also four huge ugly blocks, albeit smooth ones, so maybe there's some sort of connection intended here. I couldn't see any indication of artist or construction company either for that matter. I wish I could be of more use here, but my investigations have so far come up against a stone wall, so to speak.

OK. I couldn't leave it there.

After several hours of intense research, nibbling and a couple of half-watched episodes of something called N.C.I.S. (Enquêtes Spéciales), here in France anyway, which I don't really watch, you understand.

So, to cut to the chase, it I.S. a sculpture, and not just a handful of lumps of stone. Well, it is a bunch of lumps of stone, but they've got a name, and a daddy. The daddy's name is French sculptor called Alain Kirili, and his bouncing baby was christened 'Hommage à Charlie Parker'.

The artist's site tells us nothing more. Wikipedia gives us the dimensions and tells us usefully that the sculpture is composed of five blocks of pink Burgandy stone arranged in a circle. It continues that each piece consists of two parts, a crudely cut lower block and an upper block including geometrical elements. What it doesn't tell us is that these geometrical elements includes bits and pieces of squares, triangles and the odd wedge or two.

Wikipedia also doesn't tell us what the link is between the legendary jazz player and the lumps, blocks and wedges. Obviously I could enlighten you all, but hey, isn't it much more fun, not to mention satisfying, to work out the mysteries of modern art (and indeed modern jazz) all by yourself? You're welcome.

And why not...
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