Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Corner To Call My Own

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A Corner To Call My Own, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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If you live in France and watch the TV you can't escape the cold, at least in images and probably in shivering person too if you have to stick your nose outside or have less than effective heating.

People have started suffering, and despite a far better system for helping people in difficulty, as with the summer heatwaves, the danger is still huge, an in particular for the thousands of SDF (homeless) of the country.

The TV stations are digging deep to find new angles over and above the standard 'it's very cold' and 'another record broken' angle, which we are all very well aware of and are boring us silly.

Right now I'm watching a slot showing little kiddies, a couple of what look like 9-year-old girls, taking part in the effort to offer a sandwich or a cup of hot soup under a wind-swept overhead metro to those desperately in need of such succour.

Many of the ads are also now making reference to the arctic conditions. The swooning 'Attractive World' dating site couple I referred to in a recent posting who 'bring us' the incessent weather reports are now wrapped up warm and clutching umbrellas. I'm expecting them to be trudging through snow and fighting off starving polar bears in their quest for lurve any day now.

And they mock the British for talking about the weather all the time.

And why not...
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