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Culcha Clash

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~ Culcha Clash ~

Culcha Clash, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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It certainly is (London, calling), and this clash of cultures will be filling my head again shortly when I spend a few days over there allowing little brother and big sister to get to know each other a little better as the former develops his language and is able to remember people more easily.

I don't know if the satanically coiffed girly above is supposed to be typically Londonian - the usual groaning stereotype is a punk - but there sure is a massive difference between them and Parisian chics, that's for sure, bum cleavage being one of the major ones, if I remember rightly.

It's funny now, after all these years in France, that when I visit London it's as much as a tourist as anything else. I wonder where I could visit and what I haven't seen yet in a way few locals would ever do. Having said that, I'm never that inspired by London, in the same way, I suppose, that some Parisians demonstrate a certain disinterested 'whatever' about Parisian attractions a London tourist might drool over.

Personally, I like to think of the Eurostar as line 15 of the metro; you get on at Gare du Nord from a perfectly normal platform - admittedly access to it is slightly unusual - and get of a couple of hours later in the middle of the British capital.

There's a marvellous statue awaiting your arrival at St. Pancreas of a clutching couple. Paris greets us with a loopy woman-and-egg conundrum. You can't see the egg in the pic I link to, but I assure you there is one. Whether it came first or not is anyone's guess. But for me Paris comes first every time.

And why not...
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