Friday, 24 February 2012

Facelift Time

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~ Facelift Time ~

Facelift Time, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Sous les pavés, la plage (Under the paving stones, the beach) is a famous Paris '68 student uprising slogan.

Whether Sous les panneaux publicitaires, la Concièrgerie (Under the advertising hoardings...) can be considered in the same quad is debatable, but that's what we've been faced with for the last few months.

Paradoxically, it's given me more fodder for my frantic fingers than any other single Paris site in recent times.

Here we can see the Swiss Swatch company pretending to be fervent French patriots, which it has to be said is a bit less crass than the stupid perfume ad which started the whole thing off.

Also quite pleasing is the fact that the renovations these ads are theoretically 'sponsoring' include the oldest public clock in Paris, a fuzzy representation of which can be seen on the far left.

The poor old fella on the side of the appropriately named Tour de l'Horloge ('clock tower' - did you guess?) was looking a bit down in the dumps, so the anticipation is mounting as his brand new look is set to be revealed later in the year. Who says facelifts can't hold back the hands of time, at least for a little while?

And why not...
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