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Fat Lot of Good

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~ Fat Lot of Good ~

Fat Lot of Good, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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Bathroom scales have a perverse sense of humour. I don't know about yours, but mine tell me that I'm 10kgs more than I should be, despite my best mental imaging of an idealised svelter me.

Yesterday on French TV was a documentary about twins from the south who took around six hours to eat a bowl of rice because they had to do so grain by grain, making sure that they each ate exactly the same number of grains so that one wouldn't sneakily become a hair breadth's skinnier than the other (they are twins, after all).

They weren't fat. They weighed about 35kgs. Each. They'd probably have liked that to be the cumulative figure.

Parisian women are reputedly slimmer than most and the apparent envy of wannabe waifs the world over.

They're not all slim though, although quite a few of the supersizers we see may not be native noshers.

Anorexia is also a huge problem here, so to speak, and you often see someone painfully thin on the metro or in the streets. You can't help wondering to what extent the incessant images of 'perfect' people plastered on every wall and magazine cover, all airbrushed to hell, are to blame for this epidemic of under-eating.

Competing in the advertising stakes of course are thousands of products designed to slam on the killer kilos in the most unnourishing and addictive way possible. Sweet.

It makes you wonder, what with the certain 'poor me' satisfaction that comes with being constantly 'over' or 'under', if anyone would actually openly admit to being 'just fine' the way they are. It's a well known fact that advertising agencies are paid millions to convince us in no uncertain terms that we shouldn't be.

For me it's the smile that counts. That's worth it's weight in gold(en maxi best-of menus) any day.

And why not...
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