Thursday, 9 February 2012

Poor Blonde Polemic

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~ Poor Blonde Polemic ~

Poor Blonde Polemic, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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This blog isn't here to flatter Paris or insult the intelligence of its readers.

My aim is to reveal, quite simply, what this city is all about, avoiding shallow eulogising, if possible, about the wonders of the 'city of light', unless I'm in that sort of mood.

The city of light has seen me in states I still shrink from sharing.

One day maybe.

In the meantime, I'll supply you with a fair dose of the underbelly of the bitch, as well as its glories. As it were.

Here we see part of an underground movement which hates ads which belittle women and our intelligence in equal measure. I have to admit I tend to side with them.

Defacing public property is a long French tradition, of course, but these people would argue that ads themselves deface our urban environment and should be banned from the facades of the planet.

It would be easy to agree with them if I could imagine an ad-free environment. Just think of no publicity anywhere - can you do it?

Unfortunately irritating product placement has spoilt our favourite movies and sports stars are plastered from head to foot in flagrant advertising attire. What happened to integrity?

I must admit that I find 90% of advertising routinely stupid, with about 10% amusing or clever, which doesn't really justify the cringy stuff. But this is the world we live in. And some of those who rail against it. I wonder what this pauv' blonde (poor blonde) thinks about it.

And why not...
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