Monday, 27 February 2012

Rabbits & Rub Downs

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~ Rabbits & Rub Downs ~

Rabbits & Rub Downs, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Ritual spa? Massages du monde? A hammam on the Rue Saint-Antoine? Facades full of scantily clad nymphs (well, one) clutching keys and bottles named 'Bois Moi' (drink me), and, umm, blue caped rabits... Ooh err, missus! It makes the mind boggle. A man's mind, that is. From what I've heard the women of Paris are much more clued up about these things.

In fact the reputation of these places has been sullied by a veritable regiment of dodgy Chinese or Thai massage parlours with young ladies sitting prominently in the entrance not dissimilar to certain Amsterdam, err, establishments (so I'm told).

The truth is though that most of these places are actually highly reputable havens of peace and innocent (if indulgent) pleasure for those who like getting rubbed down in various exotic concoctions worthy of a hallucinatory children's classic.

Unfortunately, my stiff British reserve, not to mention a couple of terribly ticklish spots, has always prevented me from even considering entering one of these places. I make do with admiring the often intricate and invariably beautiful ceramics as we can see here.

If anyone has any experience of these places I'd be fascinated to hear a first-body account, as it where. And I'd definitely love to know where the bunny comes in.

And why not...
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