Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Of Shadows 'n' Shards

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~ Of Shadows & Shards ~

Shadows 'n' Shards, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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A curious shot, to be sure.

I had intended to take a few pics of the atmospheric Cloître des Billettes, a rare mediaeval cloister dating from 1427 which these days is often used to hold temporary art and sculpture exhibitions. The 'billettes' of the name, by the way, comes from the heraldic designs the monks had the habit of sporting, and meaning literally 'little beads'.

It's a modestly charming place I've stumbled across more than once on my Marais meanderings, and on this occasion there was, indeed, an exhibition of mind-boggling African sculpture in wood, metal and stuff.

In the end, however, there were a few too many of these sculptures to do justice to the origins of the place, puritanically speaking, which can hardly be said to be African, and I wasn't feeling particularly inspired anyway so was about to move on when I spotted the image you see here.

What we've got is the shadow of the top of the neighbouring Eglise des Billettes being cast upon an adjacent building. So not much to do with cloisters in the end I'm afraid, although it was taken from one, but the images come to me, you know, not the other way around!

And why not...
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