Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Spy-Fi Sagas

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Spy-Fi Sagas ~

Spy-Fi Sagas, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
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'What's this old relic?' I wondered to myself whilst I was waiting for a connection at a typically banal suburban Parisian train station.

It looked like something from a 1950s cops and robbers show or something, and I smiled that they would hang onto it, even though it must have gone out of service about 50 years ago.

As a joke I lifted the 'bras du poste' (arm of the device), leant in close to the grill, and 'announced' myself as instructed on the corroding metel plaque, in a low, conspiratorial voice:

"Allo allo? Special agent Sab Will checking in, sir. All calm on platform F, but it's fucking cold, over".

Imagine my surprise, when an utterly unconspiratorial voice answered back:


I dropped that thing like it was on fire and pretended to be attentively studying the times of the next trains, checking my watch and tutting indignantly. There's a hefty penalty for any improper use of station equipment in France, including making prank calls to emergency services.

This is a slightly sheepish special agent Sab Will checking out until the next exciting episode of the Paris Photo Chronicles. Stay on this frequency.

And why not...
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