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What's The Point?

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~ What's The Point? ~

What's The Point?, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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A strange, stubby little inhabited obelisk in the middle of Paris? Now you didn't know about that one, did you?!

OK, well it's not really an obelisk but it is inhabited and it is in the middle of Paris and it has to be one of the nuttiest looking buildings around when taken from a specific angle.

The point of view is purposely sneaky, but it doesn't look much less weird in real life - a singular wedge of a thing comically and almost desperately trying to make a living space out of a tiny triangle of real estate.

There's another curiosity, closely linked to the bizarreness of this building. What do you find if you go back about five numbers along either of the sides of this thing, i.e. away from us and 'into' the picture as we are looking at it? I'll give you a clue: it's the somethingest something in the city ;~S

Other point of interest, so to speak, ho ho, is that this facade precisely one window's width across has received the accolade of being named, if not exactly a street, at least a 'pointe', the Pointe Trigano, no less, and to my knowledge is unique in Paris. Rues, boulevards, places and squares abound, but of pointes, it would seem, there is but one.

I do know of another very silly little street which is hardly worth the name and seems to consist of two modest store fronts on the tips of two separate buildings, comprising the evocative rue de la Lingerie, although you'd hardly know it. Any more useless facts required? You know where to come.

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