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15, La Seine, Paris, France

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~ 15, La Seine, Paris, France ~

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Wandering along the Seine, you may well come across these curious abodes. Even yesterday at Saint Michel I looked over the edge of the bridge and there were two or three of them. Nice arched doorway, cute and typically Parisian blue ceramic house number, and... no door. Just this concreted-up ex-entrance, and of course it makes you wonder where that used to lead. Into the bowels of the city, presumably.

It's quite an intriguing prospect, the idea of living, literally, on the banks of the Seine. OK, you'd have a lot of passers-by, and possibly some drunken louts and dodgy characters, and the odd degenerate watering your window sill but if you laid it out nicely, with a sweet little flower bed out front, maybe, and some cheery decorations in the window I'm sure people would respect your residence.

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Number 15, The Seine, Paris, France. Not bad as an address, I'd say. What could beat that? Oh, maybe, The Eiffel Tower, Paris. That would be more than cool. I envy M. Eiffel sometimes, with that little room he had way up at the top, can you imagine living there? I've done the boat on the Seine thing - that was cool but over-spidered, as I mentioned recently.

A place I do fancy living, amongst many others, is in on of those apartments up over Shakespeare and Company, but the ones on the edge of Rue Saint-Julien le Pauvre, overlooking that cute little Square René Viviani, and that cute little village church just over the river with that hunchback guy looking after it. Where would I like to live in Paris? I think I'd better stop there. And what about you? What would your dream Parisian pad be, forsooth?

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