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Balls To The Choices!

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~ Balls To The Choices! ~

Balls To The Choices!, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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This little gem of a pic (as far as I'm concerned ;~) reminds me of a French restaurant menu I saw once which had English translations included.

One item you often see suggested in Parisian bistrots is glace (ice cream) with two or three bulles au choix, which means you can choose the flavours you want. On this famous menu it had been translated as 'Balls to the choices', which was quite funny.

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You can discover this article and many others exploring and revelling in the wonderfully wacky world of English on another of my non-Paris and non-photography, art or poetry blogs. In fact, I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but don't take it personally. The blog's called 'SNAIL', which stands for 'Sab's New Academy of the Ingleesh Language and has a load of fun stuff so check it out if you like.

Other choice translations from that menu, at the risk of spoiling the original article completely, include the intriguing Zander to the bottom leak, the perplexing Flat of the day, the rather gut-churning Piece of the butcher (according to walked) and the shameful but honest admission that Drinks are not understood in the menus. You probably have to be good at French or of some sort of European extraction to get why those are funny at a deeper level but it's all in good fun, bless, 'em.

As to the giant maltesers above, as I explain in the accompanying video, I just turned a corner in the Marais, and there they were; a rather odd (and oddly dispersed) collection of huge, solid iron balls somehow attached to the pavement and who purpose still eludes me. Anyone got any ideas? Your guess is as good as mine (a place to anchor your elephant, perhaps?), and you have have as many balls to the choices as you like. As with every explanation which escapes (and therefore annoys) me, I'd really love to know.

And why not...
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