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Be Seeing You

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~ Be Seeing You ~

Be Seeing You, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Paris is a strange city. In fact it's two cities. At least.

There's what's visible street-side. And then there's the hidden back-side. Did you know that the city of light was riddled with dark holes and passages?!

You know when you're walking along and someone comes out of one of those big heavy double doors, or maybe through a mini door in a bigger one, and you try to sneak a glimpse through the rapidly narrowing gap to see what lies beyond?

Well we should really take a few longer and more detailed looks, methinks, because there's wonders in them there courtyards, there is.

As a fiendish fetishist of all things corroding and rotten, imagine my deranged delight when I discovered this superb example of the genre...

Slip through some of those (usually) deep green double doors and you can often discover first, second and sometimes even third courtyards, getting progressively more bucolic or simply begrimed as you work your way in.

This wasn't the case here - it's just a single, pretty charmless 'hole' surrounded by apartments, but one thing does distinguish it: a series of gloriously grotty enamelled plaques, more examples of which I'll show you somewhere someday.

This is the best though, and what's doubly intriquing, is that although it's attached to the wall with a nifty little swivelling socket thingy, you can see quite clearly that at one point it was nailed to some other wall by its four corners.

A venerable war veteran, then, with a visibly long and devoted service to the sacré escalier 'C' behind it. Honoured to make your acquaintance, sir, and long may you reign, err, hang, and the weather not, lest you wane and rot even more than you already have.

Vive l'esprit de l'escalier; I'm one of your biggest adepts...

And why not...
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