Saturday, 31 March 2012

Face The Facts

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~ Face The Facts ~

Face The Facts, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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For some reason I'm feeling remarkably positive at the moment. Far from feeling like just another cog in the wheel, it's almost as though a veil has been lifted and the sun is shining through. Wow, that's incredibly corny, and not worthy of the poet I pretend to be, but nevermind. It's all extemporaneous over here on Paris & I folks, but I suppose I didn't need to tell you guys that anyway.

Maybe it's because the weather has picked up, much as I sneer at discussing the weather; maybe it's coz I've got myself a dog, making a 40 year dream come true at last. Or maybe it's just that the medication's working at last.

Whatever the reason, I'm enjoying it while I can. No doubt doom and gloom will descend upon this little corner of the interweb before too long. Hopefully with its dark humour still intact, of course. I'd never want to lose that, however 'happy' I was feeling: quelle horreur !

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By the way, you know this whole Facebook changeover thing that's going on at the moment? You know: they fuck up all our lovingly created page layouts, and we can't do jack about it? Yeah, that one. Well, I just looked at one of my pages' imposed new layout (it happens today, and it's happened, get over it...), and guess what I saw?

Every single track I've been listening to on Deezer over the last few days was there in all their glory for all and sundry to see and scoff at. 'Was' being the operative, so don't go scurrying...

Now. Now I don't mind telling people about music I like. In fact, don't get me started! But. But do I really, really want people to know about everything, and like what, how many times, in what order and at what time of the day or, more typically, night? No, I don't think I do. Jeez.

You might not consider that a particularly significant or serious event, but the principle is very scary. Imagine going to work tomorrow and your boss saying - "I see you were listening to the Anti Nowhere League until 5 in the morning - you must be on form today..." or whatever. Imagine your colleague sidling up to you at the coffee machine barely containing their mirth and uttering the spine chilling, blood curdling words: “Barry Manilow and Billy Joel, eh? Very nice…” Think of the potential damage to your career, not to mention the hurt your family would have to endure if it ever got out. And of course, it would get out. You can rely on the internet for that.

Moral of the story: we're all part of the system, whether we like it or not. Possibly our only defence is information, in the form of staying informed. Ironically, using the internet for that is a little like biting the hand that feeds. Someone, somewhere, will know that you were looking for ways to post anonymously, for example. And just possibly might be wondering why. Welcome to the machine. Got over it?

And why not...
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