Friday, 30 March 2012

Moving Shots, Right On Time

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~ Moving Shots, Right On Time ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

We're in the splendid Hôtel de Ville of Paris, at a Robert Doisneau exhibition. He's shown us, well, posthumously, what Les Halles looked like before it became Les Hall-less (he-he, I kill myself sometimes) back in the early 70s. It got kicked out to Rungis, in the southern suburbs, where all those dodgy metro fruit seller guys probably get their stuff - I hope they do anyway, the splendid pavillions were pulled down and almost all destroyed and, according to some, the place lost its soul. Zola would definitely have agreed.

Of course the amazing and highly relevant fact is... that right now, literally under our very 21st century noses, it's being ripped up again. The famous trou (hole) of Les Halles is back with a vengeance, and I strongly recommend you go take a look and grab some shots for posterity.

Who knows, maybe in 50 years it'll be once more in the process of being transformed into some sort of 5th Element-style shopping centre with taxis zapping between a hundred high rise, high-tech 'fly-by' stores and there'll be an exhibition of your work gracing the walls of the city's most impressive municipal building...

This roving reporter wouldn't say no to a street photography exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville but I'm not taking many shots of the developments as they occur I'm afraid. One of the downsides of trying to cover all of a large city like Paris is that you risk not actually covering any of it in any real depth. I have to live with that and just do my best to not be too superficial if I can help it.

In the meantime, whilst awaiting my first Paris city council-sponsored expo, which happens generally, and rather unfortunately, after your death, which is a bit of a pest, I shoot. And write. And move on. Shoot-write-move on. That's the discipline. As opposed to eating, shooting and leaving, which is, of course what asocial pandas do... Listen, I'd better move on too now, actually, judging by the size of the hole I'm digging here... ;~S

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