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Stepping Up The Pace

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~ Stepping Up The Pace ~

Stepping Up The Pace, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Charmingly quirky and queasily chirpy, this shot's a souvenir from a breezy break on the steps of the windswept Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Yes, that thing.

And here was this athlete, a national champion for all I know, but possibly not, running up and down, diligently dashing away for all she was worth. (She was a she).

Up and down, up and down. It makes you wonder about human industriousness. Mind you, there's this patch of ground next to my house I go round and round, round and round sometimes, so who am I to talk?

That said, are we, in fact, the only species which exercises for exercise's sake? Even sport poses an interesting question: what, in the end, is the point.

It may be that a certain individual's ability to hit a bouncy object in a certain way to a particular place brings commensurate pleasure to a large number of fellow humans, but not all. Some would have preferred another human to have hit their bouncy thing better, and some are simply not interested in that size, shape or sort of bouncy thing at all. They prefer their heroes to hit a larger bouncy thing or a smaller one; a softer one or a harder one; or to send it towards a differently shaped target with a different trajectory, using a different part of the body or curiously shaped implement. Yet others prefer different activities, be they physical or mental, so-called spiritual or cultural, all as seemingly pointless or futile as each other.

You only have to imagine a group of lions or spiders or salmon or chickens or tortoises or mosquitoes participating in a group yoga session or reading a good book or queuing up to watch one of their own making strange warbling sounds or why not trying to hit a little bouncy object in a certain way to a particular place, to see how ludicrous it all is. And for all I know, perhaps writing about it is the most ludicrous activity of all, but to each their steps to climb.

And why not...
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