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Trainspotting For Tots

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~ Trainspotting For Tots ~

Trainspotting For Tots, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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This one's for my little two-year-old son, but I have to admit I'm a bit worried about him. His crèche says he's sur la lune (on the moon), which whilst not exactly meaning he's completely loony is a sneaky French way of saying he's on another planet, or at best has his head in the clouds. Ahh, that's my boy!

But back to this pic. He's got a thing about trains, shouts with excitement whenever he sees one, and can spend hours with his little mitts clinging to the railings looking down on the platforms at Denfert Rochereau, completely fascinated by every monstrous RER which thunders by.

And then there's planes. Despite the fact that Spanish, French and English are all competing with each other in his head at the moment, I'm quite pleased to say that 'aeroplane (up in the sky)', give or take the odd syllable or three, is what automatically comes out of his mouth every time he spots a you-know-what. And he spots a lot.

He seems to have a sixth sense for the things. Two seconds out of the door, and the sky-gazing has begun. Eyes aloft, finger pointing, voice rising with excitement: "Eh-play uppi skaheey! Eh-play uppi skaheey!" Lack of equivalent adult minder enthusiasm is highly frowned upon. This is not to be taken lightly. Each plane deserves its very own delerium.

We live on the Orly airport flight path just to the south of Paris. We know about aeroplanes up in the sky. Oh yes.

I comfort myself with images of a lucrative air traffic controller career for him in later life and can't help thinking that there's a certain truth to the old 'like father like son' adage.

As I wander around the lesser-known outer arrondissements of the city I often find myself coming into close contact with these slumbering snakes shown above, and they're generally pretty photo-worthy to my eyes.

Hence this picture for my little train-spotter, hoping that these latent anorak tendencies don't worsen into something more serious as he approaches adulthood. For me I think it's already too late.

And why not...
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