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Veggies For Vermin

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~ Veggies For Vermin ~

Veggies For Vermin, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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What, you may ask (go on, ask, ask), is what looks like a perfectly good mixed salad sandwich doing all forlornsome sitting on a sidewalk in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris on a rather nippy February evening?

There are many mysteries in this city. Some are architectural; frequently they're sculptural; oftentimes sepulchral; certainly historical; but sandwichal? This is a new one on me.

There's been a bit of an underground backlash against the omnipresent and not very traditional kebab and burger which has pretty much taken over the fast food market in recent years; a call for the comeback of the good old 'jambon beure', as they call it.

This latter is often, it has to be said, a bit of a sad affair - a bit of tired looking ham stuffed into a stale baguette, only slightly improved with a slim slice of sweaty rubber emmental if you're 'lucky'.

Not that I'm dissing this classic French fare and if fact just yesterday I had such a craving for a traditional and well stuffed (and fresh) version that I bought the entire ingredients myself from the supermarket and quite enjoyed myself with this relatively healthy handful in extremely generous proportions.

I tried following the direction of the arrow with my gaze just in case it was the latest loony urban guerilla marketing effort from some alternative sandwich outlet but to no avail; not a baguette bandit in sight.

Thus the question remains hanging, or rather lying there almost in the gutter where I found it, and I guess I'll never uncover the mystery of the lonesome lost mixed salad sandwich but if you see one near you I'll like to hear about it. My appetite for info, if not for foot-trodden fodder, has been whetted.

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