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Wash Day Wonders

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~ Wash Day Wonders ~

Digging In The Dirt, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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There are at least two reasons this would never see the 'light of day' today; can you guess what they are?

Well, for a start, this still existing and still in situ advertising panel's made from ceramic tiles. I mean the tiles are literally painted (and cured I suppose) with the ad on 'em, which I doubt would be accepted by most advertising budget controllers today.

Not only that; the ad's actually 3D, with bits of it jutting out from the wall, like the pack of Jav and the brown hands hanging up washing. Ah, which brings us on to the second point.

Brown hands hanging up washing. Why brown? Why such explicitly, ostensibly, prominently and jutting out brown hands hanging up a beautifully bleached white sheet? If it wasn't to quite simply adhere to the norms of the time. No poor, delicate, beautifully manicured white hands would engage in such a base activity as hanging up washing in any sophisticated household back in those days, now would they? So let's not suggest they would. Appeal to your customers with familiar images. Encourage proximity. We're just like you. Isn't that comforting?

There were different classes in the Paris metro back then, and nowhere is it more evident than in this blast from the past in one of the legendary phantom metro stations of the city. First class metro carriages finally disappeared from Paris (thus the world) only 20 years ago, just before my definitive deposition in the city. Did they anticipate my arrival?

And why not...
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