Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Windchills of My Mind

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Windchills of My Mind ~

Windchills of My Mind, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Just love these characterful little buildings you find scattered around some of the more dilapidated areas of the city along disused railway tracks usually.

Because that's what they would seem to be: observation posts from another, possibly more romantic era. A time where the ultimate anorak's dream job would be sitting up high in one of these oddly-shaped little cabins on the edge of his beloved railway tracks watching trains go by all day long. A veritable Herbert's Heaven, if ever there was one.

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The problem is, the more I mock train spotters, the more I have this uneasy feeling I'm turning into one. Yikes. Let me do a quick calculation, based on train photos I've taken and published of one sort or another, to see how much of my life I actually spend skulking around train stations and railway lines.



That wasn't a good idea.

The next post will have Absolutely. Nothing. To. Do. With. Railways.

Probably. Hang on, let me check. No, tomorrow's pic has absolutely nothing to do with railways. Nor does the next. Nor the next. Nor the... oh shoot. Metros. I see the month of March, and my 9th collection of Paris Photo Chronicles, out on a metro. A couple of them in fact, in one of the city's most remarkable station platforms.

Oh well. It could be worse I suppose. I could have written an article about all the carriage numbers I've collected over the last three months. Imagine how pathetic that would be - hah!

Besides, it's confidential.

And why not...
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