Tuesday, 17 April 2012

24 Hour Protection

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ 24 Hour Protection ~

24 Hour Protection, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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The thing with this is, it seems to be a big hunky guy desperately fighting with a snake which has already attacked the youth next to him.

All I see is a classical Kevin Kline from the John Cleese film 'A Fish Called Wanda' sniffing his own armpit before any particularly stressful situation to help him get through it. The pained look on the statue's face just makes it all the funnier.

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This work by Henri Vidal from 1896 in fact represents Cain having just slain his brother Abel through jealousy and anger caused by The Lord of course - more bizarre biblical butchery - is at a prominent corner next to a Tuileries fountain.

I'm doubtful, though, as to how many people are reading this the way I do (the neo-classical armpit-sniffiing interpretation), to judge by their neutral gazes as they turn the other cheek to his anguish (maybe he shouldn't have murdered him then, vengeance is rarely pretty).

My theory for this is that either they're stupid for not immediately bringing this classic film to mind, or that I'm weird for not acknowledging the power of this allegorical masterpiece over and way above such a base modern frivolity. I know which I think is more likely, but that one I'm keeping to myself...

Anyway, they can think what they like and I can too. I'm not their keeper, nor are they mine, and I'll continue to imagine classic statues performing improbably humiliating acts and have a good snigger about it.

Guess piety and reverence are a many coloured coat I'm just not willing to don right now. I liked the musical as a kid though, but The High Priestess J.K Rowling said that Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility would supplant the technicolored dreamcoat in terms of desirability in the average pre-pubescent's mind. And it was so.

And why not...
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