Thursday, 19 April 2012

But For A Sigh

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ But For A Sigh ~

But For A Sigh, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Just don't even ask. I haven't a clue. Snapped what I saw and moved on.

The walls truly have ears but also their fair share of eyes, looking down on us checking out the era's dose of folly.

And then this guy. Down a bricker's alley, or near enough. Up there in a blind oval window, lounging loud and proud like a modern day sitting bull.

When was he displaced? Coz he sure as hell ain't in a prime position down this dusty dead-end street...

An artist's folly? Maybe, but a pleasing one, for a change.

But the guy, what an intriguing figure, hair hanging, paper piled, plastic bags, metro over-head, headbanging, cap awry... there go I but for a sigh...

And why not...
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