Sunday, 8 April 2012

Dawning On Me

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Dawning On Me ~

Dawning On Me, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Balmy. Why does this stupid word keep coming up. It's not particularly balmy today, more polar, not that I've ever been there you understand, nor to the Balms either, for that matter.

Right now, I'm heading, as I often do, into Paris. Looking after the sprog for a coupla hours and then, who knows? Well I used to not know, but boy do I now. There's a... what? Third? Fourth? Fifth mouth to feed back at the house, no doubt poo to scoop or scrape and why not pee to squeegie or worse. Luckily, my other half doesn't consider my daily blabberings worth learning English for, and it's been said that wouldn't help much anyway, so I'll carry on for what it's worth.

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Balmy - not what you could call this weird sort of weather, chillingly cold in the morning developing into chillingly not hot in the afternoon. If you're anything like me you hate people who talk about the weather as though we can do something about it, so I'll tell you three diverse facts about Paris which I'm going to drag from my head right... NOW!

1) Le Dome is no more. This convivial venue on the way to La Bastille from the Hotel de Ville where this pleasant pic was taken, has been turned into some sort of trendy chain eaterie, according to my spies, so no more Paris If You Please quizzes to be held there it would seem.

Although if the dickhead waiter has been swept away with the glooming red lights and the comfortable banquettes I might just consider going back.

2) While I'm in the Marais, I might as well tell you that just round the corner from the ex-Dome is one of a precious handful of sacred ceramic 'Maison Salubre - Tout à l'Égout' wall plaques. Personally, in my feverish collection, I know of three, or four of these beige-cream tiles, along with some more classic blue ones, equally rare.

3) And still in the Marais, as we virtually are, what about the remnants of revoluionary inscriptions in churches and mediaeval graffiti from the first 'taggeur' just around the corner in the regal Place des Vosges? Know about that one? Maybe, if you've been following me closely. You have been following me closely, haven't you? Weirdo. We make quite a good team though, don't you think?


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