Monday, 23 April 2012

Don't Turn Around, Moggy

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Don't Turn Around, Moggy ~

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When the cat's away, the rats will play, as they say here in France. Actually, they don't, they have dancing mice but never mind, this picture sums things up nicely and is enough to make Remy from Ratatouille's eyes water, and besides I couldn't find any mice but these guys were having a great time at Les Halles where they'd no doubt been displaced by the re-re-doing of the huge shopping centre just around the corner.

I'm not sure about rats, but they do say that there's a mouse for every Parisian, and between you and me, from what I've seen (more rats than mice), the former can't be far behind in the stats if not ahead. Shiver.

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Don't worry, though, they don't go out of their way to be seen, preferring the underground, and that is indeed one of the places you are fairly likely to see them, scurrying amongst the rails looking for, euww, I don't want to think about what they might be looking for. Almost makes you wanna throw the last mouthful of your sandwich down there for the poor wee things, starving as they must be.

Almost launched into a discussion on what rats eat, but on lightning fast reflection decided against it as I'm snacking myself and want to continue doing so.

Having said all that, in theory we could all eat rat, and indeed did during the Siege of Paris, for example, back in 1870, along with cats, probably bats and the unfortunate population of the local zoo. Reminds me of my local curry house back in Bradford in the day, or was that Alsatians they found in the freezer, oh anyway, bon appétit, whatever your poison.

Funnily enough, what you can't see in this pic is that it was pissing it down (yep, it rains in Paris) and I was so 'kin' wet, like your proverbial drowned, but I'm outta time, I gotta go, rats.

And why not...
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