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Election Unfever

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Election Unfever ~

Election Unfever, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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For a start, we're all thoroughly sickly of the whole thing.

And secondly, for the next 24 hours, TV stations, radio broadcasters and I suppose blogs and the like are not supposed to disseminate any info relating to the election and voters intentions.

Not that I fall into that category. Indeed, they could face a hefty fine and who knows, maybe prison if they do so. In the name of neutrality.

I therefore hope that the posters I present here have all been defaced to the same degree, give or take the odd moustache or gloopy green glasses, but what can you do.

By the time I write the following Paris Photo Chronicle, we'll know who's going through to the second round.

One would think it would be Sarkozy and Holland, but stranger things have happened, like when Le Pen made it to the second round against Chirac a decade back.

Funnily enough his daughter's running this year, and the French have a certain penchant for the right given half a chance, so who knows..?

Who would you do, out of these clowns, if any? The choice, as ever, is tricky. Which is all part of the fun. As ever.

P.S. This isn't all the candidates (there are ten), just those who were suitably defaced to fit into the spirit of this posting. And maybe to give them back a bit of exposure they might have lost out on otherwise. Who knows.

Whether Eva Joly, the 'green' candidate, has been defaced or not is not for me to say. All I can say is that the imagination of the French poster plunderers remains as richly creative as ever. Maybe I'd vote for them if they ever came up for election.

And why not...
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