Friday, 27 April 2012

Enigmatic Urban Gape

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Enigmatic Urban Gape ~

Enigmatic Urban Gape, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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What a desperate desire we have to see reflections of ourselves in this dehumanising environment we've created to 'live' in. We smile if a drain cover looks like a face and even clouds can brighten our day if we 'recognise' a famous politician or country in their ragged outlines.

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There's a hint of naughtiness too in the above 'piece'; an illicit wink to our fellow humans, that we, as humans, know how to have a laugh and even cold concrete functional items can be given a semi-soul with a dash of red marker here and there..

We're at Les Halles, and this - I almost said 'chap' - piece of urban furniture is sitting under a little walkway between the Rue de la Ferronerie and the Fontaine des Innocents, where King Henri IV was murdered. Whether 'he' is laughing or crying is not clear, as the 'mouth' is decidedly neutral, and the eyes also give nothing away, à la Mona Lisa.

And what, in fact, is this little box, with a little mate behind him if you look? Dunno. But I'd guess it might hold salt for those dangerous days when snow hits suddenly to stop people slip-sliding away on the wicked white peril (as opposed to the legendary brown one Paris is so famous for...).

And why not...
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