Thursday, 12 April 2012

Excontemporaneous Codswollop

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Excontemporaneous Codswollop ~

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Galactapedia - Stardate 3012: "Inhabitants of the planet Earth called it 'modern art'. It consisted of apparently random twistings and tweaks of iron girders and panels resulting in cabalistic and strangely compelling curvy constructions with little apparent utility or usualness in the functional world. This was the point. They called it contemporary; some simply said it's scrap, with a capital 'C'. Today it seems curiously anachronistic."

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Is this how we will look back on this wonderfully wily heap of junk, or maybe it's just that; left-overs from some construction project waiting to be carted off, and someone stuck an official looking label on it à la Banksy and now we all think it's official. Attendees of the typical central Paris school in the background, at first perplexed, have now ironed out their reservations and passively accepted that 'it just is' and get on with things like nothing's changed.

But what if it were a startime gateway, and that on one particularly electric night a portal opened at the howling of the hunchback and those who ventured through the crackling blue static filling the arc entered the Paris of Pompidou or the collaborator Pétain or the Parisi tribe, depending on your angle of entry...

Strange thoughts brought on from a peculiar plane by a combination of lack of sleep, concentration of caffeine and a worrying inability to remember if I've just got up or haven't been to be yet at 3.30 on a so-far, so-dark and murky Thursday morning. I'll let you know, if I make it back some time soon, whoever's time that may be - so long.

And why not...
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