Saturday, 7 April 2012

Girl Across The Way

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Girl Across The Way ~

Girl Across The Way, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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There’s a girl across the way
Who doesn’t realise but she’s got thighs
Which may just inspire sighs
In certain guys, the perfect size
Not telling lies, no pervy in disguise…

Which just goes to show: Do Not, I repeat Do Not attempt to write poetry at 7.15 on a chilly April morning in the Parisian suburbs when you’re only half way through your first tasse of café

For those of you who are paying attention, if you turned round you'd see the sadly bullet-riddled tiger I told you about yesterday.

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Ah yes, what a wondrous place this Tuileries garden really is. So much to see and take in, both in terms of the inanimate attractions and of course the people all doing their peopley things as they interact with their environment, or not so much as this girl shows.

She's just sitting there, tapping away at her laptop - imagine that - tapping away at a lap top in one of the most impressive parks in Paris, what a loser! I can empathise to an extent though, as a fellow tapper, and besides, she's got... oops, already been there, done that, got the cringes to prove it...

If I had to say which of the many perfect Paris parks, squares and gardens was my favourite... I'd have a major problem.

In the end, that's just a silly intellectual exercise; each place is different and charming in its own way. Perhaps more fun would be which one is my least favourite but, on reflection, and probably for the same reasons, that might be tricky too.

So I'll stay in the here and then an just enjoy the Tuileries for what they are, especially on a balmy* morning in April, 2012, and be thankful for small mercies. They'll be my demise.

*I'm fed up with this word cropping up all the time in my posts; I'll have more to say on this shortly...

And why not...
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