Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Greatest Show On Earth

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Greatest Show On Earth ~

Greatest Show On Earth, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Take your seats please, ladies and gents...

It's surprising, sometimes, what my brain will tell me is worthy of gracing these meagre pages. And yet it tells me, and it tells me again and again.

Here I'd just had lunch with Eric from Paris Daily Photo - thanks for lunch Eric - and I was thinking to myself, hey Sab, you haven't taken a shot with your trusty cracked iPhone recently...

And so I did, standing in the door waiting for the bill...

Banal as it may have seemed at the time, this is a fairly typical Parisian scene; people lined up facing out, as through the street were their theatre stage, and I'm hardly the one who's going to deny them that.

These people are taking in traffic, doncha know! There are by-passers, but it's mainly cars and carbon monoxide that's doing it for them. This is life at Café M in the 9th, with modest little Eglise Notre Dame de Lorette just around the corner, and its cute little quartier in tow.

Watching the worker ants whiz by, whilst pretending you're not one of them... it's the national pass-time, and they wear it well. A chevre chaud (hot goat's cheese salad) and a petit rouge (glass of red wine) later, often enough accompanied by a so-sophisticated ciggie, and they're done, spirits lifted, ready to rejoin the scuttlers.

It's a life-style, and not a bad one at that. Sometimes I partake, and kid myself on for a moment that I'm one of them. I'm not one of them; I'll never be one of them, but it's fun for a lunchtime trying.

And why not...
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