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Last Days of the Louvre

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Last Days of the Louvre ~

Last Days of the Louvre, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Like something out of Jurassic Park... hey, has anyone done a dino-disaster movie about wild beasts invading the French capital, and if not, why not?

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King Kong hanging from the Eiffel Tower? A triceratops thundering through the Arc de Triomphe? Pterodactyls launching themselves from the towers of Notre Dame - dream on, Quasimodo... I think it would be a guaranteed smash, get on it Spielberg!

Ok, this is only an upside down croc's head being floored by a tiger - zoologists out there did you spot that one - but it gives us a taster for what this film could be like. The Louvre devoured by dinosaurs - say goodnight Mona!

The number of wildlife statues in Paris is actually huge. There seems to have been an unquenchable thirst for animal sculptures, not to mention mythical beasts and the omnipresent gargoyles, and they crop up all over the place.

From huge lions at Denfert Rochereau to squirrels over doortops, bees in hives to rats in balls, bulls in silly hats and smoking dogs, not forgetting the elephants, and the horses, ohh, the horses! And that's just nudging the hay bale. (Pssst, and unicorns... quite a few unicorns...)

Animals of one sort or another will certainly constitute some of my Paris Top 10s over the years; I can feel it as sure as an oeuf is enough. What's your favourite?

And why not...
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