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Tales of Dogs & Flying Fur

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Tales of Dogs & Flying Fur ~

Le Chat Noir, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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There's a famous poster of a black cat representing the defunct Chat Noir cabaret in Paris - you probably know the one I'm talking about - which ranks in my top ten favourite old Paris ad-posters of all time. In fact, it's somewhere in the top three.

I found a few pics on Wikipedia, including one of the original establishment, which looks like it would be a pile of rubble if that building on the left wasn't giving it a bit of and arched backbone.

The place was set up by a certain Rodolphe Salis (he of the poster fame) in 1881 and closed in 1897, much to the chagrin of Picasso and other luminaries wanting to discover it during the Paris Exposition of 1900.

Well, this is the original enseigne  (sign) from said establishment, and what a beauty it is too. Look at that shell-shocked moggy!

Which reminds me of an event which took place yesterday. I opened the front door rather abruptly to take Dasco (you do know about Dasco, don't you, friends?) for his evening walk, when I saw a small fuzzy shape stiffen and disappear under the car.

I wasn't sure what it was, but then, as I approached, there was this sudden blur of fur screaming up and over the head-high front double gate, followed a split second later by Dasco, his lead, my hand, arm, shoulder and, thankfully, the rest of my body, this latter not being a given as I've dislocated said joint five times so far and I'm not keen to do so again in a flurry.

OK, we didn't actually make it over the gate ourselves, but we weren't far off. Anyway, more doggy tales here on Dasco's very own blog, if that sort of thing wags your tail. You didn't think I could resist, did you?! ;~S

So, the 'Black Cat Cabaret'. Le Chat Noir... It is no more, unfortunately, although there's a café bar thing on one of its old locations with a few nods to its illustrious past, thankfully. Paris needs its past, I feel. We need to be able to go to certain places and have our minds nudged to thinking, hey!, Dali had a drink where I'm sitting, or, wow!, Van Gogh painted that from here.

The past's only yesterday's present, in all senses as has already been remarked upon, and we should be grabbing it with both paws if you ask me.

The Musée Carnavalet, which now houses the sign you can see above, is only able to offer a sad washed out picture of this classic landmarker, which you can see here. Aren't you glad you've got me, with all my over the top colours and scratches and funny angles, and dodgy borders and punctuation and everything? Go on, say you are, say you are, don't be catty, you know you love it, or you'd slink off! And thanks for not slinking off, at whatever speed of flight that might be.

And why not...
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