Saturday, 14 April 2012

Look At Last Night

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Look At Last Night ~

Look At Last Night, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Last night. Oh God! What. The hell. Did I do last night? The booze, the babes, the hugely ill-advised Chippendales impersonation... And my head, aïeee aïeee aïeee my head!

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There's a certain part of the Tuileries gardens in the middle of Paris right next to the Louvre with far more than its fair share of interesting, and occasionally hilarious statues and sculptures.

From generously falling-over ladies to bullet-ridden tigers; from A Fish Like Wanda armpit-snorting studs to a gentleman who seems for the stony life of him to be holding his (unattached) testicles in his hand behind his back; from a huge and stunningly realistic fallen iron tree to more ladies of eye-popping proportions, we're spoilt for choice for our admiring attention.

Not that the Tuileries is my favourite park in Paris. It's just one of them, and I reserve the right to have a very long list indeed.

As for the wag who planted this distressingly eviscerated vessel, it couldn't have been more inspired. How often have I been in the same situation, I wonder! You drain the last of the last, and real life kicks back in with a vengeance. I know how you feel, pal, I know how you feel!

And why not...
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