Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Love, Damn It!

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Love, Damn It! ~

Love, Damn It!, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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It's blurry, it's blatant, it's blissful and it's blooming lovely, like the springtime in Paris.

I'm dedicating this one to Melissa of Prête-Moi Paris (yep, I'm doing dedications now people,) and anyone else living a dream in or around the city of light this Easter, be they preparing weddings, the trip of a lifetime to Paris (hi Roane, Avery, Hunter, see you in June! ;~S ), their next photo-stroll around the city, a romantic rendez-vous or even just a quick pop-out (not in purple or pink velvet jogging bottoms, s'il vous plaît) to the boulangerie for your early morning baguettes and croissants: Love On!

Is love in the air? Can love be 'in' anything, ether or otherwise? I dunno, but there does seem to be a certain positive feeling going around this year.

Of course, the rationalists amongst us may claim that not only do we experience, and perhaps even create the sensations and even the world we see around us, but that there is absolutely no way to know if what we see is the same as anyone else.

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Take colour for example. What colour is the girl's coat? Oh really? Well, I'm sure that's true for you. But what about if we forget the word you just used? What about if your 'orange', for example, were exactly the same as my 'green', but we'd both agreed to call that particular colour, as we perceived it, oh, 'pink', say. It's impossible to know.

To make the idea easier to grasp, let's imagine that you see the above girl's jacket as... pink, say. I'm guessing there's a good chance that at least some of you will agree. But what if I, while agreeing totally that it's 'pink', am actually seeing green. And that for me the word 'pink' means your green. There's no way we can get inside someone else's head to see as they see. Or smell, or taste or hear or feel.

You might think the idea that we just can't know whether your 'pink' is exactly the same as my 'pink' is unfeasible or simply not true. Of course 'pink' is 'pink', look we both agree that the girl's jacket's pink, right?

But some people may call it one shade of pink, and others others. It's not so far-fetched though. Have you ever argued with someone over whether such and such an item is green or yellow; dark blue or dark grey; red or... pink? I have. Boundaries are fuzzy. And I haven't even mentioned colour-blindness, which may not be a sort of blindness at all; what if they are the 'normal' ones and all of us who think the girl's jacket is 'pink' have got it totally wrong?

Which just goes to show; things are just as we see them. But perhaps only for us. What is this love thing anyway? I may have my idea, but I'm not convinced it's shared by others. Maybe that's why... (blooming love)

And why not...
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