Friday, 13 April 2012

Lusty Lens Candy

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Lusty Lens Candy ~

Lusty Lens Candy, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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These confectionery cases stuffed with chocolate pearls were opening and closing with the treacherous allure of cunning Caribbean clam shells. Stuff your faces now; worry about it later, they seem to be screaming.

Which makes it easy to see why American women often envy those skinny froggies so. How do they manage it?

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My personal theory is that the French are somehow able, incredibly, to get almost as much pleasure out of the simple act of purchase and often the subsequent giving of said item, as in the actual consumption of such gourmandises.

They don't seem to actually have to consume to consummate. We just stuff our faces. How do they do it?

Plenty of blogs have pondered on this intriguing question, so I shan't cover well chomped ground here and now.

The window displays are truly almost as delicious to behold with the eye as the goods themselves would have you believe they will be beating around the bouche (mouth).

Probably the most accurate use of the expression 'eye-candy' I could imagine employing; sheer delight for a greedy lecheur de vitrines ('window-licker' = window shopper) to wrap his lusty lens around. Just watch out for the pounds, as dangerous for your pocket as for your paunch. Drool on.

And why not...
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