Monday, 9 April 2012

One Way Trip

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ One Way Trip ~

One Way Trip, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

And just when you thought you had heaven all figured out, heh-heh!

Yep, the only way is down folks, so you might as well get used to it, unless you consider going up in smoke a kind of get out of hell free clause (although you pay with your life, of course, which kind of defeats the purpose).

To come clean about this, the ciel (sky/heaven in French) sign was originally on top of the 'real' sign, where some wags had plonked it and brought to my attention by Eric of Paris Daily Photo, who is going to be supporting my International Paris Street Photography Competition which you, yes, you can take part in if you have three pics of Paris to mouse.


Wow, there was definitely too much info in that last sentence. I'll start again.

The ciel sign was on top of the post, pointing up. It was rather cool.

Eric from Paris Daily Photo told me about it. Also cool.

Eric's going to help promote a new competition I'm working on.

The competition is called the International Paris Street Photography Competition.

You can enter every month if you have three cool new photos of the Paris streets and street life to submit each time.


There will be great prizes like a Nikon Coolpix camera (oh, maybe that's why I kept saying 'cool' - good old subconscious right on the button again...), a half-day photo tour with me, a copy of Stephen Clarke's latest book on Paris from Jon at Guide 2 Paris, a fashion photo shoot (a little one) from Melissa at Prête-Moi Paris, Priscilla's latest book from the Prissy Mag site, and more!

Eric and I are forever shadowing each other, it seems, but never meeting. I'm not sure how much I influence him, but I often head out right after one of his posts to grab my own version of one of his discoveries, so thanks for that, Monsieur PDP!

More on the competition and the rest of Paris soon, but if you want more info NOW, and I'm sure you do, then go to my Paris If You Please Facebook page and click on the little box which says 'April 2012 Competition Now Open'. This should take you here, and if it doesn't, go here. Happy shooting!

And why not...
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