Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tell Me Which Metro You Take...

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Tell Me Which Metro You Take... ~

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...and I'll muckrake you your life in 14 lines.

In my quest for the perfect Paris metro picture taken with my humble little cracked screen iPhone I have a lot of failures. But it gets me out of the house, keeps me reasonably mischief-free, out of people's hair and vaguely productive in a rather obscure sort of way.

Not to mention the fact that my 'Paris Top 10 Mega Metro Signs' or whatever I called it is seriously lacking a couple of knockout members to bring it up to the full Monty.

This shot isn't going to change the world, with its fuzziness (looking like 'fuzziness', unfortunately, not intentionally cunning 'art'), and its strange post-processing (I admit it, I admit it), but it's got something nevertheless.

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The head-bowed late night traveller heading home on a chilly eve, scarf wrapped high, the eerie blue atmosphere, and above all that glorious Paris metro entrance with its splendidly proud Metropolitan sign, boggle-eyed lights and some bee-yoo-tiful ceramics.

Never in my wildest dreams as a hard-rockin', pierced and pugnacious (not true, the last one) teenager did I think that 30 years later I'd be talking about beautiful ceramics but the systoles and diastoles of life are no man's, woman's or dog's (last mention for now, I promise) to second guess.

If they were, the Great 'Altiz' would be inhabiting the Elysée or at Matignon by now and not still operating out of a caravan on the Boulevard de Ménilmontant, but that's just me being factitious.

Which leaves us with this modest shot of an action thousands of us make every day, but this day, this guy's was different; this day, I changed it for him. I made him a star, albeit an anonymous, unconscious and unacknowledged one. Thank you sir, and may the metro, perforce be with you.

And why not...
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