Friday, 20 April 2012

Train of Thought

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Train of Thought ~

Train of Thought, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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She had a beautiful mouth, this young lady, who's sadly turned away from us, but if I'm not mistaken the angle between her forehead and the bridge of her nose is approaching 90°, which will never do at all at all at all.

Sigh. You can't have everything in this life, not even luciously-lipped nobbly nosed ephemera...

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How easy it is to be dreadfully discerning when you haven't actually got any choice at all. It's funny.

Given the choice, would you take Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, both desperately desirable, both direly distant.

Like her gaze, floating just this side of her imaginary horizon as we watch the decidedly unsexy walls of the tunnels of RER line C go by. Or as we go by them, precisely speaking.

There's a wind getting up, and I should too; I've been stuck in front of this shifting screen for too long. The dog needs a walk and I need a talk with myself about this and that, and I'm such a good listener, don't you know?

Will I be able to drag myself away from the computer for a few minutes? Yes, I think I will. I have a very dangerous trip to Paris planned and if I do go in, with my store card, and if the item in question is available, well, there's no accounting for what might happen.

Please don't repeat what you've read here. Or I may have to kill you. Or myself. but preferably you, I'm sure you understand, it's nothing personal. We're just strangers on the train of life, remember, waiting for a heart attack to happen. Mouth to mouth has always been my forte...

And why not...
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