Sunday, 6 May 2012

Appealing Facade

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Appealing Facade ~

Appealing Facade, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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This is one of my favourite contrasts in the whole of Paris, and, despite the ease with which it could be wiped from my French existence, it's been like this for years, and may it remain so for many more.

Except that it won't because the charm is in the deliciously peeling paint and I'm afraid there isn't much more to peel. Soon it will all have disappeared, someone will say, well, it really is about time we painted the shopfront, and there it'll be, this beautiful chunk of crumbling contrast... gone.

Enjoy it while it lasts, people, but don't worry; I know parts of Paris which have lots of peeling paint just like here. The east has plenty, as does the north east of the city, and quite a few parts near the old disused Petite Ceinture ring railway and other forgotten train related corners and corridors.

This is in Montmartre, from yesterday's photo tour, and it's always a pleasure to pass old friends like this one to see how they are getting on. The artwork is by someone relatively new to the city - it's stuck-on and I'm enjoying the characters whoever it is creates, quite a little personal universe they have going there.

As for my Paris street art, it's been on hold for a year or so, but I have a stock of stuff to scatter around now so watch out for more infini2 pieces soon, which hopefully won't crumble quite as much as my Rue Garreau (or is it Rue Durantin?) facade, but which inevitably will crumble; it's in the nature of the beast, appealing as it is...

And why not...
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