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Baguette Bingo

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~ Baguette Bingo ~

Baguette Bingo, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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More hygienic, doubtless; more impersonal also. Here in a Montmartre bakery the human touch is no more, literally speaking in any case.

The idea is that having ordered your baguettes, sandwiches or fancy cakes you put your money into this machine indicating the amount due and out pops your change: bingo!

It only accepts coins, so there's still the chance of a slight finger brush as you had over a note. Nor have they installed an automated distribution system or conveyor belt rotating the goods like in a trendy sushi or tapas bar so the order still has to be passed over what's left of the counter manually...

Whether all this represents progress really depends on your definition of good service. The aim must be increased throughput without the usual fiddling around with grubby coins, and improved hygiene into the bargain. But what's lost is a certain feeling of proximity and amicality which is such a treasured commodity these austere and automated days.

Of course this particular boulangerie has more than its fair share of tourists and perhaps the personal touch is less of a consideration than in some, but still, must that be an excuse?

Given the choice, I think, when all's said and done, I'd rather wait a little longer, watch the shop girl 'doing the math', possibly exchange a friendly word and then savour the precious moment when the deal is done, the bounty collected and the sordid financial aspect of it all softened by a fleeting fleshy touch.

And why not...
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