Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Cité Not A City

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ A Cité Within A City ~

A Cité Not A City, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Apart from the bars on the windows you could almost imagine yourself in some sleepy little hamlet in deepest Provence, no?

But no. In fact we're in one of those little hidden oases of calm you find particularly in the eastern and southern outer reaches of the city of Paris.

In this case it's a charming little enclave known as the Cité Florale, and delightful it is indeed. with its little low-level houses contrasting strikingly with the high-rise monsters the neighbouring 'Chinatown' is notorious for. Even the streets, if you can call them that, have evocative names like Rue des Iris, Rue des Volubilis, Rue des Glycines and Rue des Orchidées...

At least the bars are curved decidedly decorous, throwing almost Arabic script onto the adjoining whitewashed wall (and thanks to Richard for the observation, from a recent walk we did).

The Cité Florale is one of many such hidden pleasures in this city, which I'm slowly discovering, one by one, by a concerted effort to weed them out and expose them, albeit gently, to the glare of international scrutiny here on Paris & I. And if you're ever in the city I'll happily show you some of them. Come on down, the weather, on that day at least, was lovely.

And why not...
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