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Deconstructed Visionthing

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A very unremarkable photo, to start off with at least, of a decidedly noteworthy building - the old American Centre, sorry, I guess that would be Center, and now the Cinémathèque Française. They couldn't afford it, apparently.

I won't go into all the architectural stuff, which is easily look-upable, but it's an amazing sight in the deconstructed style of a famous architect called Frank Gehry, particularly well-known for a certain Bilbao building. For 'desconstructed' read 'funny blobs hanging off it' which is about as close as I can get to a reasonable verbal description of the thing. I like it.

It made a pleasant pause on the latest walk for my Paris-lovers group Paris If You Please (on Meet Up), as we explored the lesser-known twelfth arrondissement. This included parts of the Bercy park, the elevated Promenade Plantée and just good old run of the mill Paris streets, so it was all good.

As usual, I started off the planning process thinking what on earth are we going to find on this walk. And as usual Paris came up with the goods, with, for me at least, at least 10 or 15 interesting things to look at or discover, and for some on the walk the Cinémathèque Française was certainly one of those. Deconstructionism: if you didn't know it existed before, now you do. Although regular readers of these wayward columns may have had a suspicion already...

And why not...
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