Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ding Ding, Round One

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Ding Ding; Round One ~

Ding Ding, Round One, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Ancient and modern, classic and contemporary sit pretty well fore and aft in this city of tradition and seemingly ever-seething turmoil.

Take one of those several cute little Paris churches which look like they should be in some sleepy forgotten village somewhere and contrast it with a sculpture of a woman whose face suggests she's recently been in a very bad car accident, or simply has a penchant for boxing, and the scene is set for a typically Parisian paradoxical perspective.

Audacity on a far smaller scale than the pyramid affronting the Louvre or Buren giving the column to the Palais Royal of course, but still striking.

Modern sculpture seems to work particularly well when backdropped by something, well, old. The juxtaposition serves it well and Paris is adept at spotting these opportunities and exploiting them to the full.

I have a dream. And that dream is to create a sculpture consisting of intermingling cubes of some sort or other, huge and heavy, material undecided, and place it somewhere significant in this city of ours. Obviously you simply need to follow this blog to find out if I ever do, although it may be a few years down the line yet.

I've seen weirder ideas, like that guy wheeling a crude cardboard and sticky tape version of the statue of liberty through Saint Germain des Prés. And if he can do that, my cubes needn't be far behind. That's my dream, and it ain't square...

And why not...
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