Thursday, 10 May 2012

Eye'll Be Seeing You

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Eye'll Be Seeing You ~

Eye'll Be Seeing You, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Eye-eye, look out, somebody, or something is watching you as you go about your daily-doos in the 12th arrondissement between Bel Air and Daumesnil...

It's a rather good place for a look-out post, with the Boulevards de Reuilly and de Picpus, the Rue de Picpus and Rue Louis Braille falling away from the crest of this little hill.

I don't know what the French word for these things is, if it isn't poteaux (posts) but in English it would be 'bollards' and there's a growing trend to cheer up these functionally effective but aesthetically lacking ubiquitous pieces of street furniture, and quite right too.

So here we have a whole row of look-out 'posts', all... looking out for all they're worth. If my art lent itself to such flourishes I'd join in the fun, but sticking nine squares on a globe or a cylinder wouldn't be the easiest of activities.

It's not surprising to see these in the east of Paris, traditionally both far more working class and with a long tradition of street art going back to the early days of Miss.Tic, Jérôme Mesnager, Jef Aérosol et al.

What's more surprising is that they seem to have been officially condoned, not having been covered up or defaced for the moment. A positive inclination. Maybe, against all odds, there's a sneaky little camera thingummyjig embedded in the middle of each eye, checking out all the dodgy bollard photographers and more... he's still watching me watching you watching him watching me, as Jethro Tull would say...

Eye woz 'ere

And why not...
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