Monday, 7 May 2012

Further Appealing Fixtures 'n' Fittings

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Further Appealing Fixtures 'n' Fittings ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Just minutes after my visitors had incredulously shown me a shot of a turkish-style hole-in-the-ground toilet they'd found in Paris, of all places, the call of nature got the better of me.

Off I went to the bathroom of the ultra-touristy but pleasant Au Clairon des Chasseurs (The Hunting Bugle), and what did I find but what you see above in all its glory. Especially in the older or more traditional cafés and restaurants you'll still find plenty of these, as well as in the outlying areas.

Why they haven't felt the need to replace them I couldn't tell you, but that's probably because I'm not French and therefore could never pretend to assume to know how they think or feel about such things. You could say that it's far more hygienic not to sit on a seat where a thousand other recent backsides of all size, shape and origin have plonked themselves down...

Anyway, my guests were suitably impressed and I got another photo to regale you with. That's lovely tilework, you've got to admit... I hope the pleasure isn't entirely mine!

And why not...
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