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Heads Down for H2O

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~ Heads Down For H2O ~

Heads Down for H2O, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Since I know you just LOVE IT when I post pictures and stories about weird old drain covers here on Paris & I, I'm sure you'll be delighted with my latest find.

Check it out; for connoisseurs you'll recognise the good old PAM bridge logo. PAM stands for Pont-à-Mousson, which is an old steel-working community which saw very heavy fighting during the two world wars. That's not what were talking about it here for though, not the fighting, that is.

If you look around you, or more accurately below you as you wander the Paris streets you'll see hundred of draincovers with Pont à Mousson or simply PAM cast into them along with the famously coveted bridge.

What we see above though is interesting for about one and a half reasons. The half reason is that it's dispensed with any mention of the company, acronym or otherwise. But the real reason I find this little disc, embedded in the ground of the Tuileries gardens as any Parisian dirt afficionado would have told you, interesting is the word that is written upon it: agua.

Which would be Castilian for water if I'm not mistaken. Intriguing. In such a patriotic, if not chauvinistic country as France (listen to any recent election speech if you don't believe me) it's surprising to see a French company using Spanish on material destined for the erstwhile playground of kings and queens.

Anyway, that's my story, for what it is. I can only suppose they did a job lot on some access covers destined for the Spanish market and these were the castovers which they had to do something with, so here they are.

Unless it was all part of a much more sinister underground takeover plot by the Spanish starting with a poisoning of the city's water supply. Being useless at French their local conspirators are helping them out in their own language.

No, you're right, it's probably not that at all, but as I always say: it's amazing what you find in this place if you keep your head down.

And why not...
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