Saturday, 19 May 2012

Loving You Saturday Morning

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Loving You Saturday Morning ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Can some wino's discarded medicine and a bunch of dog-ends really become a soft romantic misty image thanks to some special effects? No. But it's kind of fun trying.

It's the incongruity which hits I think; as opposed to some model or common or garden plain Jane on wedding day in some silly preposterous pose, it's a bottle of booze and some cancer sticks which are taking centre stage. We ain't talking hugely expensive advertising campaign either although alcohol adverts are everywhere, this drug not being illegal yet, although cigarette advertising now is.

Bottles abound, be they in the urine-soaked corners of last night's excesses, hustling in their hundreds around one of the huge green Paris bottle banks or, unsurprisingly, in the grubby grasp of some local lowlife or dubious expat scouring the streets for succour.

Leaving leery evidence of passing is almost as amusing, it would seem, as placing various forms of street art in the most inaccessible or unexpected places possible. Who can get away with leaving their sordid empties in front of the Elysée (hard) or next to Notre Dame (easy) without feeling the heavy hand of the law or the lord respectively on their shoulder seems to be a continual challenge for the pickled perpetrators.

Personally, as a good citizen, and serial listener of a kids song which goes "Put your litter in the bin, in the bin; Put your litter in the bin, in the bin; Don't be a dickhead, be sure to shove it in; Put your litter in the bin, in the bin", or words to that effect, ad detritum, I always, but (almost) ALWAYS... yep. That. In there. It's only the right thing, I'm sure you agree.

If everyone did this, of course, I would be lacking the above photo from my opus, and you from your experience, which you may be thinking would be a jolly good thing too, but this is life and how I saw it on a beautifully sunny south suburban Saturday Paris morning and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And why not...
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