Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mindwarp Mumblings

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Mindwarp Mumblings ~

Mindwarp Mumblings, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Je sais, je sais, enough with the platform shots already! But I was in need of a pic for today and this one was just sitting there on my iPhone waiting to be used so here it is. Taken 'without looking' as it were, I'm getting quite good at pretending to be in earnest conversation with someone whilst really shooting away at some innocent by-snoozer on my right.

I've just discovered Instagram, intrigued after the billion buck buyout by Facebook - I hadn't been aware of it really up until now - so you might see a slight change to my iPhone photography over the next wee while as I check it out; we'll see.

The effects above haven't been obtained from Instagram, however, and the blur is all my own - the excellent Sabbap ;~S - and I love it.

I had an interesting comment on one of my 'Hints & Tips' videos on You Tube the other day, which was quite positive for a negative one. They basically started off by saying that they hate all these effects you can do with applications these days, before pulling back a little and claiming they quite like some of my shots and that it's only their opinion of course, etc.

Personally, and I'm fairly sure this isn't a hurtin' reaction, I can't see the point of posting that you don't like something. Well, as I said, this person's comment was fairly positive for a hater, but why? Why bother? Shouldn't you just be moving on to another person's creativity which you prefer than spending (wasting?) your time saying you don't like something? What purpose can it possibly serve, especially when you are light years away from actually knowing the person whose work you're criticising?

Pleasant comments make the sun shine and the birds sing and your day turn out great. Negative ones can have the opposite effect, and the people making them must be aware of that. Fair enough, constructive, and I said 'constructive' criticism can have its place, and I do it myself quite often on my own and other people's efforts, but always in an extremely positive spirit and frame of mind.

Saying someone else's work is crap, on the other hand, or that you really hate an aspect of it, is quite revealing about you though, and that's recognised I think. If you need to criticise others you're basically not happy with yourself. It's as simple as that.

I'm a firm believer, and I know this sounds like I'm sore, but I'm not that much really, I'm a firm believer that 90% of what comes out of our mouths says more about us than about the thing we're talking about. But it's an old adage about getting on with people and in life in general that first of all you should say something nice and then hitting them with the negative point you really want to make can be taken on board far more easily, which is presumably the result you'd like all along (if you have that much ire and bitterness in you that it has to come out somehow).

The problem with saying you hate something and then trying to backpaddle is that you've already lost your audience for the pleasantries and simply created a sick little circle of hate, which is a shame, it has to be said.

Anyway, talking of circles, or parts of them, check out out this curved over guy being completely dominated / echoed, or is that cocooned by the hugely hovering wall, the effect being accentuated by the angle at which I was holding the phone to my ear. Awesome. Shame about the scratchy grungy effects though, but you can't please everyone!

And why not...
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