Monday, 21 May 2012

What Goes Up...

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ What Goes Up ~

What Goes Up..., originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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...doesn't always come down.

A pleasant, but not particularly exciting shot from Sab today, you may be thinking. Yes, but Ah-Hah, that's where you're wrong, you see. Not in that it's not even pleasant, of course, but in that it's more exciting than you could possibly imagine. For sad Paris curiosity freaks, that is...

Because, you see, it finally allows me to prove something people serially ask and disbelieve me about year in, year out, if they haven't actually seen the phenomenon for themselves or read my illustrated article on the subject.

It's one of the city's best-kept secrets, you see, and here it is, layed bare, in a cruelly pitiless image.

What's it about? The lamps on the Pont du Carrousel go on and off and up and down at dusk and dawn respectively (don't blink or you'll miss it, it's quite subtle), and on this morning, one of them got stuck.

Hah! It's definitely worth a stroll through Paris early morning, because not only do you often see plentiful evidence of the previous night's excesses - yep, even Parisians do stoopid stuff sometimes - you'll catch the city, literally and metaphorically, in an entirely different light.

It's a pro landscape (and cityscape) shooter's secret that you should only ever shoot at daybreak or nightfall, and there's much truth in that. From a street photographer's point of view to that you can add all the weird stuff that goes on at these witching and vampiric hours, when the cops are tired and the day's not quite sure what to do with itself. Ideal. And sorry Pont du Carrousel we've caught you with your skirts down at last!

And why not...
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