Thursday, 31 May 2012

Marine Bleue, Marée Noire

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Marine Bleue, Marée Noire ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

This the start of a new and occasional series which I'm probably going to call 'Crap Paris' over on Paris If You Please, and which is intended as the ultimate antidote to all those cutesy chocolate box pictures we're all so fond of, right?

Of course, one of these days I'll have to roll out a 'Sab's Chocolate Box Classics' series to prove I can actually take pictures of Paris vaguely resembling 'nice', but until that day comes, moons generally being white (or very occasionally red), and all that, this is roughly where I'm at.

The series isn't intended for Paris & I, as I'll be using any camera I have to eye, but maybe some other members will crop up here from time to time.

One of my biggest dilemmas is whether or not to manipulate the shots in any way. My initial feeling was 'no, just get away from all that'. Then I realised just how drab so many of these shots are and would be without a little help from our post-processing friends, so in the end I'll probably just carry on doing what I've been doing up until now. Some people love it, other hate, and I wouldn't want it any other way, and I'm sure you appreciate that people, as I appreciate your making it this far!

My other dilemma will be whether to include a dose of prose with each image or just leave as is for people to absorb and draw their own conclusions. You know I can blabber with the best of them, so the latter might be tricky, and yet for once I'd kinda like the image to do the talking. We'll see.

And why not...
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