Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dreams of Djerba

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Dreams of Djerba ~

Dreams of Djerba, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Tunisia seems to be a fairly attractive place. Especially when you're stuck in a sweaty metro carriage somewhere in deepest, darkest Paris on line 6.

The guy on the platform across the way has got the right idea though, look at him! Snoozing under deep blue skies with the lap of the ocean in his ears and the warm sun on his face just a sliver away.

The caption says something about all your dreams being possible in Djerba, which is one of the islands off the North African coast of the country. Nice. The hardest thing being getting there for some.

The place apparently has a large Jewish minority, as well as some Maltese Catholics and wandering bit-players from the first Star Wars movie which had some exterior desert scenes filmed here. And if that lot can get along I reckon anyone can. Oh, and horses. And Muslims, presumably. Errr, Tunisians? And tourists.

Phew! Almost makes me happy to be on this side of the gap with all that lot going down. But I've become a real stay-at-home Jessie in recent years and feel out of my depth when there isn't a good old Parisian Tabac or an Arab corner shop open till 2am in the vicinity. Home comforts and all that.

And why not...
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